Opinel No.18 Folding Saw

The traditional French knife manufacturer Opinel offer two models of folding saws; No.18 and No.12. The big model (No.18) delivered very good results in my latest field test on saws. When it came to cutting performance the No.18 ended up in top three. See more about the saw test covering 12 test objects; click HERE.
I appreciate Opinel's basic design and functionality. The saws follows the same principles as the classical Opinel folding knives; a cylindrical wooden handle with a spring-less folding mechanism holding a thin Sandvik steel blade. See also my review on the Opinel No.08 knife by clicking HERE.

This saw's 18 centimeter long blade is locked tight in unfolded position via a buckle mechanism and the back of the Beech handle is equipped with a lanyard hole. The blade is also available as a spare part on their homepage wish is a nice and environmental statement of sustainability, that I think rhymes very well with Opinel's brand profile.

Opinel No.18 is a very capable and nice saw. If I have to say something negative about the tool I could mention that the wide part of the handle may feel a bit over-sized. But if I would like to change this; that's easily fixed with some carving tools, as the handle is made of solid wood. Also check out the smaller Opinel No.12 folding saw.

Manufacturer: Opinel, French company based in the Savoie area
Model: No.18 Saw
Blade material: Stainless 12C27 Sandvik steel with a 0,40% mix of carbon
Blade length: 183 mm
Blade thickness: 0,95 mm
Blade width: 34,75 mm
Unfolded length: 407 mm
Folded length: 237 mm
Handle material: Beech wood
Handle thickness: 27,2 mm
Weight: 179 g
Price: 619 K (Sweden 2015)
Dealer: Sundqvist

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