Fiskars Small Garden Saw

This little saw became my favorite when I did my first field test on folding saws back in 2009. The saw has tangled along since and the model has been updated to the Xtract SW73 by Fiskars. This year 2015 I've conducted yet another field test on saws and this old little trooper once again, despite even tougher competition, ended up as one of my favorites. To read more about my test; click HERE.

The saw's design is robust despite it's low weight. The hollow handle contain the effective saw blade that can be extracted seamlessly and locked tight any where along the way. The locking screw on the side of the handle also ensure that the blade doesn't unintentionally extract while carrying. If I'd like to carry the saw on my belt; the saw came with a plastic belt loop featuring a quick lock that can be attached to the saw's handle by a twisting motion.

In the beginning I was skeptic if the hard plastic surface of this saw's handle could offer a good grip when wet. But now after six year in the field I don't have any complaints. However the thin and efficient blade have gotten a bit bent from the hard years gone, but this is nothing bothering me. I'm very impressed with how much abuse this thin blade can cope. And it is a great achievement by this old saw to perform at the same level as it's five year younger sibling, when it comes to cutting capacity in my latest test.

This saw's strength is it's low weight and good capacity. On trips when I want o be able to carry my saw inside a pocket in my pants or jacket; my choice of saw is this old Fiskars Small Garden Saw.

Manufacturer: Fiskars, Finish company with production in South Korea (the above saw is manufactured in Finland)
Model: Small Garden Saw
Blade material: Stainless steel
Blade length: 161 mm
Blade thickness: 1 mm
Blade width: 28,18 mm
Unfolded length: 354 mm
Folded length: 197 mm
Handle material: Plastic
Handle thickness: 19,6 mm
Weight: 95 g
Price: 169 SEK (Sweden 2009)

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