Fiskars Xtract SW75 Large Garden Saw

Fiskars little garden saw Xtract SW73 is a very nice saw that placed it self high in my latest field test on folding saws. The Xtrac SW75 is a bigger sibling to the smaller models SW72 and SW73. To see more about the saw test covering 12 test objects; click HERE.

I really like the Fiskars concept of using a telescopic mechanism to extract the blade from the handle. The hollow handle contain the effective saw blade that can be extracted seamlessly and locked tight any where along the way. The locking screw on the side of the handle also ensure that the blade doesn't unintentionally extract while carrying.

I'm impressed with the Xtract SW73 and it's precursor when it comes to capacity and comfort. But in my opinion the concept of the smaller saws doesn't really work as good in this big scale. The Xtract SW75 gives an impressive reach and cutting capacity but the longer blade of the SW75 tend to vibrate while cutting giving a buzzing noise to the handle. Also the locking mechanism that works so nicely on the smaller models doesn't really lock the big blade of the SW75 as tight. The Xtract SW75 end up high in score talking about cutting capacity in my field test, but I'm afraid the overall impression of this saw is harmed by the above mentioned vibration problem.

Manufacturer: Fiskars, Finish company with production in South Korea
Model: Xtract SW75 Large Garden Saw
Blade material: Stainless steel
Blade length: 252 mm
Blade thickness: 1,1 mm
Blade width: 33,93 mm
Unfolded length: 552 mm
Folded length: 335 mm
Handle material: Plastic and rubber (SoftGrip)
Handle thickness: 24,8 mm
Weight: 249 g
Price: 459 SEK (Sweden 2015)

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