Gerber E-Z Out

Gerber made a good job with this one; great design and quality at reasonable price. I've been using this knife for over 10 years now and its a really nice allrounder. Lately this knife has been my choice of second knife while hunting; my non-game knife. I prefer carrying one drop point fixed blade taking care of the game (game knife) and one clip point folder managing the other knife activities during the hunt (non-game knife). The E-Z Out is perhaps not the most fancy looking knife but it's robust, reasonable light and easy to handle. I like the elegant shape of the blade and if you keep the edge sharp it really gets the job done nicely. Today the E-Z Out legacy lives on in the DPSF and the Rescue; two tactical modells with serrated edges.

Total length: 200 mm / 115 mm
Blade length: 89 mm
Blade width: 25 mm
Blade thickness: 2,5 mm
Weight: 75 g
Blade: ATS-34 clip point blade with a straight plain edge and a hole for thumb opening
Handle: Glass-filled polycarbonate nylon with rubber inserts and a steel tip down pocket clip

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Opinel No 10

The history of the traditional French knife Opinel starts in the 19th century. The folder series No 1 to No 13, also called Tradition, is built on a simple and stylish concept. The knives are usually delivered with a carbon steel blade or as on this one; a stainless steel blade from Sandvik. The blade locking devise consists of a robust safety ring that by turning locks the blade tightly. The Opinel is, if you ask a Frenchmen, of course the ultimate allround knife, just as we Swedes love our Mora knives. I especially appreciate the Opinel knife's light weight and thin blades.

Total length: 230 mm / 131 mm
Blade length: 98 mm
Blade thickness: 2 mm
Weight: 70 g
Blade: A thin Inox Sandvik stainless steel blade with nail groove and a smooth clip point shape
Handle: Beech with a natural finish

If you want to read ore about Opinel and their knives; take a look in Vapentidningen no 1 - 2015 in wish I have written an article focusing on the Opinel history and the Tradition knife series.

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Anders Petter Backaryd 20

Anders Petter delivers good quality kitchen knives at reasonable prices. This chefs knife, the Backaryd 20, is a nice allrounder in the kitchen. The knife is well balanced, easy to clean and I like its good cutting edge.

Total length: 340 mm
Blade length: 200 mm
Blade thickness: 2 mm
Material: Molybdenum steel, handle and blade all in one piece.
Total weight: 198 g

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