Opinel No 10

The history of the traditional French knife Opinel starts in the 19th century. The folder series No 1 to No 13, also called Tradition, is built on a simple and stylish concept. The knives are usually delivered with a carbon steel blade or as on this one; a stainless steel blade from Sandvik. The blade locking devise consists of a robust safety ring that by turning locks the blade tightly. The Opinel is, if you ask a Frenchmen, of course the ultimate allround knife, just as we Swedes love our Mora knives. I especially appreciate the Opinel knife's light weight and thin blades.

Total length: 230 mm / 131 mm
Blade length: 98 mm
Blade thickness: 2 mm
Weight: 70 g
Blade: A thin Inox Sandvik stainless steel blade with nail groove and a smooth clip point shape
Handle: Beech with a natural finish

If you want to read ore about Opinel and their knives; take a look in Vapentidningen no 1 - 2015 in wish I have written an article focusing on the Opinel history and the Tradition knife series.

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