Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops

When you need a fixed blade knife but for some reason have to choose a folder; this is a good pick. This is a very robust liner lock folder from Smith & Wesson. I've carried this knife in the jungle and it lives up to its catchy name. The rough handle of the Extreme Ops gives a nice grip even when wet. I also really like the tight folding mechanism. But the fact that I can't find any information on this specific model makes me suspect this could be a counterfeit. If you recognise this model and have some information for me; please let me know.
Counterfeit or not; this knife has done it's job well so far.

Total length: 226 mm
Weight: 190 g
Blade: Drop point blade with thumb buttons on both sides
Blade material: Brushed stainless steel
Blade length: 97 mm
Blade width: 30 mm
Blade thickness: 3 mm
Edge: Straight plain
Handle: Finger grooved and jagged with tip down clip carry
Handle material: Composite material and metal
Handle length: 130 mm
Link: Smith & Wesson

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Indian Kukri set

This is a nice looking Kukri set; a bargain I made on a flea market. The knives are intended just for show, but I guess the bigger one could deliver quite a decent chopping blow if sharpened and used in the field. You can really make good deals on these type of knives in some market places. But bare in mind that many of these kukris are just souvenirs.

Knife 1: Medium fixed blade kukri
Knife 2: Large fixed blade kukri
Length 1: 229 mm
Length 2: 325 mm
Weight 1: 123 g
Weight 2: 285 g

Blade 1 & 2: Kukri shaped blade with engraving
Material 1 & 2: Polished steel

Tang 1 & 2: N/A
Length 1: 154 mm
Length 2: 225 mm
Width 1: 34 mm
Width 2: 44 mm
Thickness 1: 5 mm
Thickness 2: 6 mm
Edge 1 & 2: Convex plain

Handle 1 & 2: Hand shaped wood handle with lion shaped butt
Material 1 & 2: Metal and wood
Length 1: 80 mm
Length 2: 105 mm

Sheath 1 & 2: Black leather sheath with belt strap
Material 1 & 2: Wood, leather and metal
Length 1: 185 mm
Length 2: 265 mm
Weight 1: 34 g
Weight 2: 65 g

Total length 1 (knife in sheath): 250 mm
Total length 2 (knife in sheath): 353 mm
Total weight 1 (knife and sheath): 156 g
Total weight 2 (knife and sheath): 351 g

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