Fällkniven NL2 Odin

Fällkniven's Northern Light Series (NL) is a very impressive lineup of knives expressing power and our heritage from the Swedish Vikings. The NL2 Odin is the lineup's second largest knife with it's 6,5 mm thick and 200 mm long blade. The laminated VG10 steel together with the convex grind delivers a world class chopper.

This particular knife has an interesting history s it got to follow Nicklas Lautakoski on his survival adventure in the TV production Naked and Afraid. The challenge was to survive all naked for 21 days out in the Australian bush only carrying just one object. Nicklas chose to bring his dear Odin in combination with his fantastic personality. A combo that gave Nicklas a adventure for life. You can see more about the adventure by clicking HERE.

Top down;  NL2 Odin, A1 and F1.

The initial pics in this post are taken when the knife was new. The pics below are taken after the adventurous month of hard usage. The edge has been resharpened after the survival adventure.

Manufacturer: Fällkniven AB, Swedish family company in Boden with production abroad
Model: NL2L Odin
Blade material: Laminated VG10 (HRC 59)
Blade length: 200 mm
Blade thickness: 6,5 mm
Edge profile: Convex
Knife length: 323 mm
Handle material: Ox hide
Sheath: Black leather
Knife weight: 380 g
Price: 5500 SEK (Sweden 2016)

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