About Knives - Tools & Art

Knives - Tools & Art is a part of Jonas Vildmark where we focus on our passion for design and function in knives and other edge tools. We spend a lot of time in the bush, on rivers and on the road; hunting, fishing and hiking, and we always carry edge tools suitable for the adventure. We have always loved the romantic symbolism in knives when it comes to adventure and wilderness. The name Knives - Tools & Art refer to the fact that a knife can be both a essential tool and a beautiful piece of art. You could say that Knives - Tools & Art is a tribute to all tool makers, inspiration and a place to find information.

As a Collector, Writer and a Instructor; Jonas Landolsi has the pleasure of using a lot of different edge tools. Here in Jonas Vildmark´s cozy knife corner we want to share his experiences, knowledge and thoughts on these tools. Sometimes an article here on Knives - Tools & Art starts just with a picture and some specs. Then we add more info along the way as we get to know the knife, axe or saw better. This means that the content continuously is being updated, so please stop by now and then to keep up with the updates. If you have info or fun stories about each tool; don't hesitate contacting us if you like.

As a Knife Collector since my early years Jonas gathered a lot of object and know how on the subject.
As a Mechanical Engineer Jonas has knowledge in Design and the durability of Materials.
As an Bushcraft Instructor Jonas has a lot of opportunities to test the tools to see what works for us.

You can find more tips, pics and movies on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. We also hope you like our magazine articles.

The reviews here on Knives – Tools & Art contains technical specifications as well as personal opinions. The spec information regarding materials usually come directly from the manufacturer but the measurements regarding length and weight we do ourselves. If You have information you want to share to complement the information here on Knives - Tools & Art; feel free to contact us so we can update the text. There's always something new and interesting to learn about edge tools.

If nothing else is mentioned; all material (text, photos and movies) published here on Knives - Tools & Art are created and owned by Jonas Landolsi, the founder and owner of Jonas Vildmark. The material is protected by copyright law and if the material is used in any other context Jonas Vildmark must be credited.

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