Fällkniven NL1 Thor

This is a very personal knife to me as it relates to a couple of very special moments in my life so far. I bought the knife back in 2001; a special time in my life and after some very pleasant use me and my beautiful wife actually used this knife to cut our wedding cake. I've tested many choppers throughout the years but I always return to this knife as my favorite among very large fixed blades. The knife I'm talking about is the Fällkniven NL1 Thor.

The mighty Thor oozes of quality and robustness bout in feel and looks. The impressive almost 26 cm long and 7 mm thick blade is massive but the nice balance makes the knife feel slick in my hand. The laminated VG10 steel never back down and the blade geometry delivers a tough tip and edge, all great features in a bad ass chopper. Back in the days when I bought the knife the NL1 was delivered with a light colored leather sheath. Today the knife comes with a updated black leather sheath. On my knife a sharp edge inside the lanyard hole had a tendency to cut the lanyard. But this was easy fixed with a thin steel file.
I'm really pleased with my NL1 and I hope my mighty Thor will continue by my side throughout my life.

Photo: J. Margulis

Manufacturer: Fällkniven AB, Swedish company based in Boden with production abroad
Model: NL1L Thor
Blade material: Stainless laminated VG10 (HRC 59)
Blade length: 254 mm
Blade thickness: 7 mm
Edge profile: Convex
Knife length: 385 mm
Handle material: Ox hide
Sheath: Leather
Knife weight: 520 g
Price: 6000 SEK (Sweden 2016), 3500 SEK (Sweden 2001)

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