Fiskars Fixed Blade Saw 123840

In my field tests on saws Fiskars has always done well. This fixed blade saw and sheath is a very interesting alternative to the folding saws for times when size ain't an issue. I've been carrying this saw easy reachable mounted on the outside of my backpack.

The long an narrow blade enables a high cutting capacity hard for any folding saw to compete with. And the Fiskars Fixed Blade Saw 123840 is actually lighter than several of the folding saws I've tested.

The comfortable rubberized bent shaped handle has a hole for lanyard and are easy recognizable color when out in the bush. The plastic sheath is easy to clean and have nice drain holes. The belt loop is not so robust but as I said I prefer to carry this saw attached to my backpack. The Fiskars Fixed Blade is a nice mix between a folding saw and a full size saw. If you want to read more about my latest field test on folding saws; click HERE.

Manufacturer: Fiskars, Finish company with production in South Korea
Model: Fixed Blade Saw 123840
Blade material: Stainless steel
Blade length: 325 mm
Blade thickness: 1 mm
Blade width: 39,7 mm
Saw length: 499 mm
Total length (saw and sheath): 502 mm
Handle material: Plastic and rubber (SoftGrip)
Handle thickness: 24 mm
Sheath material: Plastic
Sheath thickness: 2,25 mm
Sheath weight: 82 g
Saw weight: 190 g
Total weight (saw and sheath): 272 g
Price: 487 SEK (Sweden 2015)

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