Fiskars Xtract SW73 Small Garden Saw

Fiskars Small Garden Saw became one of my favorite saws when I executed my first field test on folding saws back in 2009. Since then Fiskars have updated the model both in design and denomination. Now the saw is named Xtract SW73 and the design consist in a some what beefier handle with rubber inlays, now also including a carbine hook to attach the saw to clothing or bags, while transporting. If you want to read more about the saw test covering 12 test objects; click HERE.

The saw's design is robust despite it's low weight. The hollow handle contain the effective saw blade that can be extracted seamlessly and locked tight any where along the way. The locking screw on the side of the handle also ensure that the blade doesn't unintentionally extract while carrying.

I'm impressed with the Xtract SW73's precursor and a lot is carry over on this newer version. Sadly though this specific saw's outer tip has gotten a bit bent after a longer period of testing. But I can't really say that this has effected the saws cutting capasity to any extent. The stength of the Xtract SW73 is it's low weight and good capacity. I can mention that Fiskars also is offering a more fine teethed version of this saw; the Fiskars Xtract SW72 Carpenter Saw. I haven't yet gotten the opportunity to test the SW72, but I'm guessing it could be really nice for harder materials like bone while taking care of game. Also take a look at the biger sibling Xtract SW75.

Manufacturer: Fiskars, Finish company with production in South Korea
Model: Xtract SW73 Small Garden Saw
Blade material: Stainless steel
Blade length: 161 mm
Blade thickness: 1 mm
Blade width: 28,18 mm
Unfolded length: 355 mm
Folded length: 197 mm
Handle material: Plastic and rubber (SoftGrip)
Handle thickness: 21,45 mm
Weight: 116 g
Price: 349 SEK (Sweden 2015)

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