Morakniv Basic - Modified

Always a challenge for the human mind when a old knife line needs to make way for a new one. When I've gotten used to a particular knife model it's easy to get a bit grumpy when the favorite needs to leave the center stage. Like when the Morakniv Craftline HighQ Allround was replaced by the Morakniv Basic 511 in 2015. But after stashing up on my old Craftline favorite I trowed myself at the new models for some curious field testing. And behold; I turned out to find a new favorite.

From the top; Basic 511, Basic 546, Pro C, Pro S and Robust

The Basic/Pro Series
The knives I call the Basic/Pro Series are; Basic 511 (carbon), Basic 546 (stainless), Pro C (carbon), Pro S (stainless), Robust (thick carbon), Rope (serrated stainless) together with four other crafting knife models. The new plastic handle fits my hand very nice and the Pro version also includes rubber inlays for higher friction. I truly appreciate that Morakniv based the new handle's design on the traditional symmetric cylindrical shape as it's that exact feature together with a slim Scandi grind blade that makes the mora knife an outstanding carver. I also want to thank Morakniv for beefing up the handle specs. To the cylindrical shaped new handle a finger guard and a pommel are added. This original handle is truly nice and safe to handle. But personally I prefer the hardcore cylinder shape without any asymmetric additional shapes. Therefore I've modified my Morakniv Basic 511 by carving away the protruding shapes in an attempt to create a high tec old school inspired mora knife.

An old favorite carving a new one.

In the pic above you can see the nice handle size of my modified Basic, compared to a old school mora knife.

As the original plastic sheath doesn't fit after the modification I made my own leather sheath.

So with simple means I now have a very competent and personal new favorite. I'm looking forward having the pleasure of wearing out this 40 SEK custom knife in good times and in bad times... For many years to come.

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Manufacturer: Morakniv AB, with production in Mora Sweden
Model: Basic 511 (carbon) and Basic 546 (stainless)
Blade material: Carbon C100, HRC 58-60 (511) or Stainless 12C27 Sandvik, HRC 56-58 (546)
Blade length: 89 mm (511), 91 mm (546)
Blade thickness: 2,1 mm (511), 2 mm (546)
Blade width: 19 mm
Edge profile: Scandi grind, 23°
Handle material: Red plastic (511), Blue plastic (546)
Handle thickness: 21,9 mm
Knife length: 206 mm (511), 208 mm (546)
Knife weight: 78 g (511), 77 g (546), 75 g (Jonas modification)
Sheath: Gry plastic (original), Leather (Jonas modification)
Total weight (knife and sheath): 111 g (511 original), 108 g (546), 146 g (Jonas modification)
Price: 40 SEK (511), 50 SEK (546) (Sweden 2016)

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