Morakniv Classic 2/0

The mora knife is a beautiful cultural legacy that us Swedes should be very proud of. The Classic series is one of my favorites with it's roots from the 1800's. The clean design and high capability of the knives is hard to beat when it comes to everyday use both in the woods and inside the city. If you'd like to read more about the Morakniv history I'd like to recommend you to take a look at one of my earlier magazine articles by clicking HERE.

The Little Guy
The 2/0 is the smallest of the Classic knives (this article was written 2016). Basically it's a miniature of the regular Classic 1. The Classic 2/0's 75 mm long carbon blade is delivered with a black plastic sheath perfect for neck carrying, just add a piece of para cord and hang the knife around your neck. Usually though I carry my Classic 2/0 in the leather sheath that comes with the Morakniv Original 1. The 2/0 is a small knife but you can do big stuff with it. Sometimes I miss the bigger sized handle of the older 2/0 knives delivered from KJ Eriksson up until 2005. These older handles were more compatible to the slöjdknivar offered by Morakniv today. Below you also can see some pics of one of these older more chubby knives I've restored and made a leather sheath to. It's a KJ No.1241 Electricians Knife with a more clip point shaped blade.

A modern 2/0 with the plastic sheath it comes with.

A modern 2/0 in the leather sheath that comes with the model Original 1.

Older No.1241(top) and modern 2/0 (bottom).

A older No.1241 I've restored and made my own leather sheath to.

Small Knife, Big Tasks
I like proving to myself that a small knife absolutely also can do a big knives job. I'm of the believe that the most important feature of a knife is the hand holding it. And with that philosophy the Classic 2/0 is the perfect example. The humble specs of this knife doesn't seem much but the tasks you can execute with it is impressive. Combine this knife with a good axe and you got a perfect bushcraft set. Therefore the Morakniv Classic 2/0 has become one of my most used mora knives.

Manufacturer: Morakniv AB, production in Mora Dalarna Sweden
Model: Classic 2/0
Blade material: Carbon steel C100, 58-60 HRC
Blade thickness: 2,5 mm
Blade length: 75 mm
Blade width: 15,7 mm
Edge profile: Scandi Grind with a 23° angle
Knife length: 168 mm
Handle material: Birch colored red
Handle thickness: 19,4 mm
Sheath: Black plastic. I use the leather sheath that comes with the Classic Original 1
Knife weight: 43 g
Total weight (knife and sheath): 52 g (plastic), 67 g (leather)
Price: 150 SEK (Sweden 2016)

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