Morakniv Classic Original 1

The history of the mora knife goes back to the iron age and the era of the Vikings. Archaeological findings indicates processing of iron in the area of Ovansiljan around this time. Since then the craftsmanship and skills of the tool smiths has been carried on from generation to generation. The knife culture grow strong around the village of Östnor in Mora Dalarna Sweden. Here Frost-Erik Ernström founded the Frost Knife Factory in 1891. This got to be the foundation of what we today know as Morakniv AB. Around that time several manufacturers in the area produced mora knives. In 1912 Eriksson & Mattsson's Knife Factory was founded by Krång-Johan Eriksson and Lok-Anders Mattsson. This company later turned into the brand KJ Eriksson AB. By the 1920's the handle of the popular mora knife got it's red color and during the second half of the 1900's plastic revolutionized the industries enabling new design possibilities. As a result of this we also got the well known mora knives of the 80's using rubber and plastic in the handles. In 2005 KJ Eriksson and Frosts Knivfabrik merged and created the brand Mora of Sweden. Today the company offer cutting products via the two brands; Morakniv and Frosts where Morakniv is handling the crafting tools and outdoor products and Frosts deliver tools designed for the food industry. This year (2016) Morakniv celibates their 125th anniversary by changing their company name into Morakniv AB.

Classic Original 1
As a natural tribute to the old school mora knives Morakniv today offer the model named Original 1. This knife is a part of the Classic series and the difference compared to the other knives in the classic lineup is the Original 1's non colored birch handle and the 2,8 mm thick laminated carbon blade steel. The knife has a long tang fixed inside the cylindrical handle by friction and a tube pin seen on the back of the handle. The Scani Grind edge profile has an angle of 23 degrees.

The Sheaths
For this knife two different sheaths are offered from the factory. One Vulcan fiber sheath offered in the package Classic Original 1 (Art.No.11011), and the leather sheath offered under the name Morakniv Original 1 (Art.No.11934). I have both sheaths and I choose the Vulcan version when carrying the Original 1. The leather sheath I think are more appropriate when carrying the smaller Classic 2/0. The reason I do this is that I've seen a tendency of the Original 1's long and sharp blade cutting through the leather sheath not using a plastic inlay. I love both sheaths and they are perfect for two of my favorite mora knives.

Well Tested Original
The Classic Original 1 is one of the Morakniv knife models I use most frequently. It's perfect for hiking the woods or just sitting carving by the cabin fire. The Original 1 is well balanced, however if I could wish for it; I'd like a thicker and a bit longer handle (like the handle on the Morakniv Slöjdkniv 120). The knive's capacity, design and history is very appealing. The mora knife has passed the test of time through history and the humble knife from Dalarna Sweden is today loved all over the world. Morakniv is a part of us and this is something we Swedes should be very proud of.

If you'd like to read more about the Morakniv history I'd like to recommend you to take a look at one of my earlier magazine articles by clicking HERE. Other post I've published about Morakniv's products you can find by clicking HERE.

Manufacturer: Morakniv AB, Swedish company with production in Mora Dalarna Sweden
Model: Classic Original 1, Art.No.11011
Blade material: Laminated carbon steel, AISI O1, 1% carbon in the core, 58-60 HRC
Blade thickness: 2,8 mm
Blade length: 99 mm
Blade width: 17,6 mm
Edge profile: Scandi Grind with an 23° angle
Knife length: 199 mm
Handle material: Birch
Handle thickness: 20 mm
Sheath: Vulcan fiber or leather
Knife weight: 64 g
Total weight (knife and sheath): 84 g (Vulcan fiber), 84 g (leather)
Price: 439 SEK (Sweden 2016)

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