Mikov Fixir 232-XP-3 KP

The first time I encountered the Czech knife brand Mikov was in the Autumn of 2016. It was through a new friend that was close connected to the knife manufacturer. At the same time, conveniently enough, I was getting contacted and asked questions about Mikov in my role as a Writer and Knife Reviewer. The first model from Mikov I started using was the Mikov Fixir 232-XP-3 KP.

The folder is a multi tool featuring a 82 mm long clip point knife blade, a gut opener and a saw. The knife blade uses a lock back mechanism and the other functions is slip joint tools. The tool has a classic design using antler scales and a brown leather pouch.

I've now been carrying the Fixir 232 on a couple of hunts and so far I like it. The edge needed some polishing before use, but that was a quick fix. I'm attracted by the vintage look and the elegance of using a folder as my primer game knife when out hunting.

Let me get back you you with more information on this knife after some additional usage time i the woods.

Manufacturer: Mikov Ltd. Czech company based in Mikulášovice
Model: Fixir 232-XP-3 KP
Blade material: Stainless steel 440 A, 56 HRC
Edge profile: Full Flat Grind
Knife blade length: 82 mm
Knife blade thickness: 2,6 mm
Knife blade width: 15,1 mm
Gut opener blade length: 75 mm
Saw blade length: 74 mm
Handle length: 105 mm
Handle materials: Stainless steel and antler
Handle thickness: 19,9 mm
Knife weight: 139 g
Carry system: Leather pouch
Total weight: 176 g (knife and pouch)
Price: 68 Euro (The Czech Republic 2017)

All length, thickness and weights are measured by the Author. Therefore numbers may vary from the manufacturers specs.

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