EKA Swede 110

During my time in Bollnäs, Sweden, I bought this interesting folder back in 1993 in a store called Sport & Maskin. At the time of this spontaneous deal I hadn't heard about this knife model. Of course I've had several EKA knives but I found the Swede 110 design exotic and futuristic, especially the locking mechanism.

By pushing down on the gray button the blade is put into neutral swinging freely around its pivot. This enables you to open and close the knife only by flicking your wrist (see movie below). I don't think this was the manufacturers original idea of how this knife's blade should be maneuvered, but this is the way I've been handling the knife. When pushing down the button the blade sticks out about 5 mm reviling the nail nick that should be used for opening the folder. This robust locking mechanism feels safe as it also locks the blade when closed.

The blade features a flat grind edge profile. But the primal edge bevel is very low almost giving the look of a scandi grind edge with a micro bevel. The blade has hold it's edge very well during my youth's fishing adventures and I'm very fund of this rare bird. It's bad they don't produce this model anymore.

I got very nostalgic when I recently found this knife when going through my knife collection. Now almost 25 years later I even found the original case holding the original price tag of 198 SEK.

Manufacturer: EKA-kniv AB, Swedish company based in Eskilstuna with production abroad
Model: Swede 110
Blade material: Black carbon steel
Blade length: 68 mm
Blade thickness: 2,8 mm
Blade width: 29,7 mm
Knife length (closed / opened): 104 mm / 171 mm
Handle material: Black plastic (acrylate)
Handle thickness: 20 mm
Knife weight: 92 g (incl. lanyard)
Price: 198 SEK (Sweden 1993)

All length, thickness and weights are measured by the Author. Therefore numbers may vary from the manufacturers specs.

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