Karesuandokniven Stoera Àksu

When I heard that Karesuandokniven was starting making axes I got real curious. After some time spent with the Karesuandokniven Unna Àksu I got even more curious when I later got the news about the larger version; Karesuandokniven Stoera Àksu. This is a well shaped and competent tool that's easy to carry inside the backpack, and at the same time the Stoera Áksu is a nice sloyd axe.
And the fact that the axe is good looking is a great bonus.

In this moment Jonas Vildmark is field testing this axe, so please come back again soon to see more info and our thoughts about the tool.

You can read more about the Unna Áksu in one of my mag articles inside the Vapentidningen; click HERE.

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