Karesuandokniven Stoera Àksu

When we heard that Karesuandokniven was starting making axes we got real curious. After some time spent with the Karesuandokniven Unna Àksu I got even more curious when I later got the news about the larger version; Karesuandokniven Stoera Àksu. This is a well shaped and competent tool that's easy to carry inside the backpack, and at the same time I think the Stoera Áksu is a nice sloyd axe. And the fact that the axe is good looking is of-course a great bonus.

Have now been using this axe for a while out in the field and it has become a true companion in my hands. It is also very handy to have the axe at hand inside by the wood stoves when the morning fires are being prepared.

Art.No: 4013
Steel: Stainless steel
Sheath: Black cow leather. Can also be carried on the belt
Handle: Curly Birch, Moose bone and Rein Deer antler
Weight: about 650 grams
Length: about 300 mm
Price: 2748 SEK (about 265 Euro), Sweden 2019
The axe comes in a nice box also containing a diamond sharpener.

You can read more about the Unna Áksu in one of my mag articles inside the Vapentidningen; click HERE.

Recently Karesuandokniven also launched a midsize axe by the name of Vuogas Áksu.

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