Fixed Blades under 50 Swedish Krona

Right now I'm conducting an quite interesting test; I'm doing a knife review on 11 different fixed blade knives with a price tag under 50 SEK (5 Euro). The work is planned to boil down into an article inside an upcoming issue of the Swedish magazine Vapentidningen. With this test I want to explore examples of what the first hand market here in Sweden have to offer me in the scenario of buying a fixed blade knife on a really tight budget.

The knife models included in this review are:

Lindbloms Knives 5101, Hard Head 122005 (9,90 SEK)
Lindbloms Knives, Hard Head 2633 (19,90 SEK)
Cocraft, Clas Ohlson 41-1074 (19,90 SEK)
Lindbloms Knives, Biltema 19-761 (34,90 SEK)
Lindbloms Knives 5000, ÖoB (36,90 SEK)
Morakniv Basic 511, Jula 121528 (39,90 SEK)
Fladen Outdoor Fishing Knife 17-13, ÖoB 1001130 (49 SEK)
Stark 651 (49 SEK)
Cocraft, Clas Ohlson 41-1081 (49,90 SEK)
Morakniv Basic 546, Jula 121529 (49,90 SEK)
Hultafors HVK, Bolist 700110618 (49,90 SEK)

There are of-course more low priced knife models out there than these 11 I've chosen to look closer at. And of-course you can make very nice finds on the second hand market. These 11 knife models are easy asses-sable and offered widely at big chains like; Biltema, Jula, Clas Ohlson and ÖoB here in Sweden.

I test these knives in the roll of a Bushcrafter; camp building, sloyding, hunting and fishing.

Please revisit this post soon to see the progress. And please contact me if you have any special experiences of these 11 knife models mentioned above.
See you soon again.

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