Böker Counterfeit Folder

This is a counterfeit and I'm guessing it's made somewhere in Asia. Böker is a well known high quality knife brand that of course is tempting for a pirate to copy. On Bökers counterfeit page you can see more copies. But if I try to overlook the moral aspect of pirate copying this knife is relatively good. It's pretty well balanced and fits good in my hand and slips nicely down my pocket, using the tip down pocket clip while hiking. The knife is not beautiful but it works so far. Will be interesting to see how long it will last. I encourage you to try avoiding counterfeits both for the moral aspects as well as the big risk of being disappointed in the products performance.

Length: 196 mm / 117 mm
Weight: 127 g
Blade: 80 mm long black stainless steel clip point blade with one thumbutton on each side
Handle: Camouflaged aluminum handle plates with a black pocket clip for tip down carry

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