Silky Nata 240

Silky's Nata 240 is a hard working friend when you have some light lumberjacking to do out in the bush. This robust machete is heavy but well balanced. I like the handle's good grip and the nice blade shape. Another good feature is the quick lock conecting the sheath with the belt loop. This makes it easy to choose if you want to carry the tool on your hip or inside the backpack. The Japanese axe Nata comes in four different sizes, from 150 mm to 240 mm blades, and comes in bouth single edge and double edge (as on the knife I used).
Knife length: 425 mm
Knife weight: 680 g.
Blade: Rectangle shaped
Blade material: Stainless steel
Tang: Hole
Blade length: 257 mm
Blade width: 50 mm
Blade thickness: 5 mm
Edge: Straight plain.
Handle: Two pieced, able to dismount
Handle material: Black rubber
Handle lenght: 180 mm.
Sheath: Robust rectangle shaped sheath with quick lock loop and a push button safety
Sheath material: Aluminum, plastic and leather
Sheath length: 398 mm
Sheath weight: 200 g.
Total length (knife in sheath): 440 mm
Total weight (knife and sheath): 880 g

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