Fällkniven U4 Bear Claw - Good Things Come in Small Packages

For six months now Fällkniven's small lock back folder U4 Bear Claw have been my everyday companion. The knife has become a good friend and has yet not let me down. A knife like this is suitable when a big folder or a fixed blade is inappropriate. But just because I choose to go lighter I don't necessary want to lower my standards when it comes to functionality and durability. The U4 is a good example of this.

The U4 Bear Claw has a 53 mm long, 16,5 mm wide and 2,2 mm thick blade of a discreet clip point shape (almost drop point). The Super Gold Powder Steel (SGPS) has been given a brushed finish and the convex edge is 5,5 mm long. The edge feels convex but when I look closer I can see a slight bevel. One nail nick on each side of the blade is appreciated from bout right and left handed users. The U4's older sibling the U2 was actually the worlds first serial manufactured folder using the laminated powder steel SGPS.

Steel Analysis of the Super Gold Powder Steel (SGPS)
C - 1.40
Si - 0.50
Mn - 0.40
P - 0.030
Cr - 15.00
Mo - 2.80
S - 0.030
V - 2.00

The U4's 10 mm thick black zytel handle is molded in one piece and a torx blade pivot pin attaches the blade to the handle. The folder's lock back leaver is placed on the middle of the handle and is as smooth and well fitted as the rest of the U4's moving components.

Model: Fällkniven U4 Bear Claw
Blade Material: Laminated powder steel, Super Gold Powder Steel (SGPS), 62 HRC
Blade Length: 53 mm
Blade Thickness: 2,2 mm
Knife Length: 72 mm / 125 mm
Handle Material: Black zytel
Handle Thickness: 10 mm
Knife Weight: 26 g
Price: 824 SEK (Sweden 2014)

Here you can see the U4 together with a couple of  friends from the same knife segment.
From the top; Fällkniven U4 Bear Claw, Buck 55 and Opinel No. 6.

A God Candidate for The Ultimate EDC
When talking about small EDC folders I think the U4 is one of the best. The knife design is simple yet tasteful and offers a practical tool. The low weight and compact measures makes the U4 fit in any pocket, and can even be mounted on the key chain if so desired.
Although the folder is small and light it feels robust and competent and besides the obvious downsides of a small knife my only objection is the sharp edge on the back of the blade neck when folded. This sharp angle may damage the inside of a pocket or other objects kept in the same pocket. But so far I haven't really had any problems from this.

I've been using this knife a lot but have yet not needed to sharpen the edge. Have to get back to you regarding the maintenance of this knife. The U4 Bear Claw is no bling bling folder if you're out to impress your company. But this is also the strength of this knife in my opinion; to always be at hand in a discreet way.

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