Cold Steel Pendleton Lite Hunter

I remember when living in the States I went from hardware store to sport shops looking for something equivalent to a good old Swedish Mora Knife regarding functionality and price. Then I realized how spoiled us Swedes are having a Mora in each drawer. I wanted something simple to fix my apartment and tool shed. I wish I then had stumbled upon a Cold Steel Pendleton Lite Hunter.

In a collaboration between Cold Steel and the legendary knife maker Lloyd Pendleton a series of knifes was created. This Lite is the budget kid of the family. A clean stainless steel drop point blade fixed in a black Thermoplastic handle made of Polypropylene. This gives a light yet robust knife with a hygienic hunting charisma. But I like to add that this knife is ideal in the kitchen, bushcraft bag, tactical gear and tool box as well as in the hunters belt.
The shape of the handle is interesting. At first I din't like it so much, but after some use I'm starting to realize that there has been some thinking put into the design. The handle is suitable for different kinds of grips and techniques.
A simple knife of course comes with a simple sheath. The sheath of the Pendleton Lite Hunter is more practical than beautiful. I'm guessing that this knife will be popular among bushcraft enthusiasts that will replace the standard nylon sheath with a custom made sheath.

Blade Material: German 4116 stainless steel
Blade Length: 93 mm
Blade Thickness: 2,9 mm
Knife Length: 214 mm
Handle Material: Thermoplastic (Polypropylene)
Handle Thickness: 19,2 mm
Knife Weight: 76 g
Sheath Material: Cod-Ex (Cordura)
Total Weight: 107 g (knife and sheath)
Total Length: 225 mm (knife in sheath)
Price: 150 SEK (Sweden 2013)

A Price worthy and Growing Knife
I think this is a very nice and price worthy all round knife. The Pendleton Lite Hunter has three more expensive siblings in the Pendleton Hunter, the Pendleton Mini Hunter and the Custom Pendleton Hunter. But I often find myself falling for the budget version of these family concepts. I'm guessing it's because of the fact that the cheapest sibling is often put hardest to use as we are afraid of braking an expensive knife. To be honest the Pendleton Lite had passed me by without notice until I stumbled upon one in the store on my way out for some spontaneous outdoor adventuring. But now I notice that the Lite Hunter is really starting to grow on me. This knife is right now stuffed inside my farmer pants ready for upcoming tasks.

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