Half Horn Knife by Erik Fankki

During one of my adventures up in the Kaitum area in Lapland Sweden I had the honors of meeting this beauty. It's one Erik Fankki's skillfully crafted knives. The Fankkis are a very talented family consisting of several amazing knife makers.

I appreciate Erik's ability to mix the traditional Sami design with a more modern look. This is not only a piece for hanging on the wall; this knife feels very practical and capable in my hand. The stainless steel blade Erik made himself and he also prepared the leather material. The horn details are made of beautifully engraved rein deer antlers. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to collect more specific specs on the knife so I let these pics do the talking instead.

This nice blade will certainly offer it's users a lot of joy. And in return I hope the owners pay her back in lot of exercise and loving care. If you recognize this knife please feel free to contact me and tell me how she's doing.

This is a very good example on how a knife can be an efficient tool and a piece of beautiful art at the same time (Knives - Tools & Art).

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