Silky Folding Saw Super Accel 21

Japanese Silky has delivered saws since 1919 and 1991 Grönyte-Konsult AB brought the saws to Scandinavia. Super Accel 21 is one of Silky's mid-size folding saws and one of the test objects in my latest field test on saws. The Super Accel ended up among top three when it comes to cutting performance. Only Super Accel's bigger sibling; Ultra Accel 240 Curve got better results when it came to cutting. If you want to read more about the saw test covering 12 test objects; please click HERE.

Silky Super Accel's handle consist of a aluminum frame covered in rubber featuring a nice and slim shape and a lanyard hole. A robust leaver locks the blade in two different positions unfolded. Folded the blade is not locked by the locking mechanism, however the friction is keeping the blade tucked in securely during transport. Unfolded the blade has a slight play vertically, this is nothing bothering me though.

I've now been using this saw since 2011 and I'm still very pleased with it. The saw delivers serious cutting although it's light and slim design. Take a look also on my reviews on the Silky Pocket Boy 130 and the Silky Ultra Accel 240 Curve.

Manufacturer: Silky, Japan
Model: Super Accel 21
Blade material: Stainless steel
Blade length: 207 mm
Blade thickness: 1,38 mm
Blade width: 36,25 mm
Unfolded length: 436 mm
Folded length: 239 mm
Handle material: Aluminium och gummi
Handle thickness: 21,2 mm
Weigh: 200 g
Price: 405 SEK (Sweden 2015)
Dealer: Grönyte-Konsult

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