Morakniv Clipper 840

This is a great all round knife for when I'm going about out at the cabin and in the woods. To us Swedes the mora knife lye close to our hearts even though I think we sometimes are a bit spoiled having these praiseworthy high quality cutting tools lying around in each drawer. I remember myself as a kid collecting all the moras I could find at the homestead. I polished them all, painted the handles in different colors and then I wear them all around my belt almost like a mini skirt. The Clipper feature a 2 mm thick carbon steel blade with a short tang, but I have never had any problems with this knife failing me. Quite the opposite; the Clipper is a joy handling when carving and bushcrafting.
The red Clipper 840 is the carbon version and the blue Clipper 860 is the stainless steel one.
Unfortunately the Clipper was discontinued in the early 2011. The Clipper series was then replaced by the Companion MG and the Craftline HighQ. The newer "clipperlike" knives has a long tang and blade thicknesses between 2-3,2 mm. If you'd like to read more about the Morakniv history I'd like to recommend you to take a look at one of my earlier magazine articles by clicking HERE. Other post I've published about Morakniv's products you can find by clicking HERE.
These are all great knives and it warms my Swedish heart having the mora kniv as a part of our culture.

The Clipper together with some of it's younger siblings (from the top down); Clipper 840, Craftline HighQ Allround, Companion and Companion Heavy Duty.

Manufacturer: Morakniv AB, production in Mora Dalarna Sweden
Model: Clipper 840
Blade material: Carbon teel C100, HRC 59-60
Blade length: 97 mm
Blade thickness: 2 mm
Blade width: 20 mm
Edge profile: Scandi Grind with a 23 degree angle
Handle material: Black rubber and red plastic
Handle thickness: 20,4 mm
Knife length: 215 mm
Sheath: Black plastic
Knife weight: 74 g
Total weight (knife and sheath): 102 g
Price: 69 SEK (Sweden 2010)

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