Mora Clipper

This is the knife I use the most while spending time out in the bush or home at the croft. The Mora brand is very dear to us Swedes, we've been growing up together with "Morakniven" (The Mora Knife). I remember when I as a kid had about 10 Mora Knives on my belt, it looked like I was wearing a skirt. I love the Clippers combination of Swedish tradition, modern functionality and a very nice price. This is the carbon steel version of the Clipper. Unfortunately this exact model was discontinued in the beginning of 2011. If you want a similar knife look at the new Mora line Companion MG or Craftline HighQ. I like the old Clipper's 1,5 mm thick blade, it carves wood really nice. The newer version of the knife has a blade thickness of 2 mm. You can't get more knife for your money than this. Mora of Sweden offers a wide variety of products. I recommend you to visit their website.

Knife length: 215 mm (knife), 225 mm (knife and sheet)
Knife weight: 74 g (knife), 102 g (knife and sheet)
Blade: 1,5 mm thick, 20 mm wide and 100 mm long drop point blade of high carbon steel hardened to HRC 59-60
Handle: Patterned high-friction rubber grip with plastic details
Sheet: Plastic sheath with a belt clip

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